About St Andrews West

Our Vision

The vision for St Andrews West has evolved over many years. At the forefront of our ambitions has been a long-term commitment to the town and community, and the desire to deliver an exemplary new urban development.

We are creating a place where the new residents, University, school, businesses, and wider community can live in a considered and thriving environment. Where sustainability, placemaking, quality twenty first century architecture, active travel connections, quality public open space and local amenities are central to the vision for St Andrews West.

St Andrews West

Located within minutes of the heart of the historic Scottish town of St Andrews, and in close proximity to the world’s finest golf courses, beach and local schools.

We are creating a dynamic residential, business and learning quarter in the west of St Andrews.

Creating a new sustainable community for St Andrews

A considered mixed-use development offering residents and visitors access to schools, green public spaces, and The Square consisting of retail, cafes and local businesses.

With bike and walking paths along landscaped spaces connecting the existing town to this new vibrant centre.

Looking forward to the future

A phased approach committed to meeting and adapting to the needs of the town of St Andrews.

The Masterplan

The community we are committed to deliver at St Andrews West. Use the slider to see the before and after of the St Andrews West site.

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