Our Vision

The vision for St Andrews West has evolved over many years. With a long term commitment to the town and community, the desire to deliver an exemplar for new urban development is at the forefront of our ambitions.

Creating a place where the new residents, University, school, businesses, and wider community can thrive in a strategic masterplanned development where sustainability, placemaking, quality twenty first century architecture, active travel connections, quality public open space and appropriate local amenities are key components of the vision.

The relocation of Madras College to St Andrews West is a major milestone and a part of delivering the vision.

St Andrews West

On the doorstep of St Andrews, within minutes of the heart of St Andrews town, the world’s finest golf courses and the beach.

Looking forward to the future

The historical beauty of St Andrews extended, complete with school, retail, cafes, flexible working space, culture and entertainment. Creating a community offering safe active travel routes connecting to the existing town.

Creating a new sustainable community for St Andrews

Will enhance one of Scotland’s most beautiful and historic towns by creating a dynamic business, residential and learning quarter in the west of St Andrews.


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